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Do you have a problem or concern about your work? Questions about your rights or your pay?

We provide free information, assistance and referrals for workers in the ACT aged under 25, and their parents and carers. 

If there's something not quite right at work, or you just want to know about your rights and how to enforce them, ask us. 

Our advice is free and completely confidential. 

If you have an urgent work safety issue, please call WorkSafe ACT immediately on 13 22 81

In an emergency, call Emergency Services on 000.

We stand for young workers


Have a question or concern about your work?

About us

The Young Workers Centre is for all workers in the ACT aged under 25. 

Problem at work? Questions about your pay or your rightsWant to help stop wage theft and exploitation of young workers? 

You're in the right place!

Young workers are twice as likely to be ripped off or seriously injured at work as older workers. More than half of young workers have had their wages stolen by their adult boss. 

Knowing your rights and what to do if you are getting ripped off is the first step to stopping the exploitation.

We empower young workers to be treated with dignity and respect at work.

We help you with the information, support and skills you need.

Strength in numbers.

Join our campaign to do something real to stop exploitation and wage theft in Canberra's workplaces. 

Help us hold dodgy bosses to account.

We are building a movement powerful enough to end illegal and unfair practices by employers that rip off young workers. 

Young Worker Centre Canberra

WHS in Schools

Free information sessions for work experience students

Find out about our free WHS information sessions for schools, tailor made for work experience students.

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We must stop the wage-theft crisis.

Young workers as young as 14 years old face an epidemic of wage-theft, exploitation and unsafe work. 


We cannot achieve meaningful progress on the issues so many young workers care about when Australia's workplace laws and regulators are rigged in favour of employers. 

That's why the Young Worker Centre has been established: to re-balance things for young workers. 

The time to act is now. The next generation of working people need to be empowered, and to do that, we need you on the front lines.

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Open the Information Centre Chat icon in the bottom right hand corner 


Call us on 02 6225 8104 to hear recorded information about workplace rights and to arrange a time to talk.


The Young Workers Advice Service is a service provided by UnionsACT's Young Worker Centre and is supported by the ACT Government.

Our information and advice is free and completely confidential. Information and advice provided is not to be taken as legal or financial advice.

By contacting us, you agree to the Privacy Policy.

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Use our really simple wage-theft calculator to find out.


Women In Trades

The Women In Trades program is supported by the ACT Government.

Are you a woman currently undertaking an apprenticeship, or considering starting one, in a male-dominated industry? 

Get support and assistance about your workplace rights and safety through our Women in Trades program. 

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